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's not just professional teams. looking taxes, high school football on friday nights, which that done to a committee. some of the college towns turn into metropolises on saturday. what football can do to galvanize the community. there's very few things that can have the power of football. it's america's game. we start talking about some of the presidents and their obsession with football for whatever reason. i think it would be a good place to close and then we can take some questions. and the president is most closely associated with football is theodore roosevelt. and theodore roosevelt's interest in football was highlighted in 1905 because they had such a brutal season. there were more players killed on one saturday in 1905 from football hits and were killed all last season. theodore roosevelt held a white house summit not far from here on football where he wanted to have the big schools pledge for a clean again, to follow the rules. and after that 1905 season, it was sort of a microcosm of football. the game evolves. that's the message of my book. that's the message of "the war on
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1